AFIS Photo-Capture and Video Arraignment Cabinets

Secure video cabinets for arraignment and booking stations.  Ideal for new AFIS photo capture applications and remote arraignment uses.
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AFIS Photo-Capture and Video Arraignment Cabinets

Secure Video Arraignment Cabinet

  • Fitted with 3/8" unbreakable Lexan to secure all video equipment.  The opening is 24" x 24" with a 12" x 6" camera opening on top.  Top corners are perforated for speakers.

  • Casters provide easy mobility allowing use in multiple areas and storage in a secured area when not in use.

  • Removable (locking) louvered top, back and side panels give you easy access to equipment when necessary and secured, ventilated space  at all other times.

  • Cabinet measures 30" wide, 30" deep and 62.5" high.

  • Special phone bracket provided.

  • Attached worksurface measures 30" wide x 18" deep.  An internal pull-out shelf measuring 10" wide x 24" deep is provided in the bottom of the cabinet.

Mobile AFIS Photo-Capture Cabinet

  • Customized cabinet for use by law enforcement agencies with Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS).

  • Provides consistent lighting specifically designed for your AFIS system, enabling all booking locations to produce consistent digital pictures.

  • Durable unit with camera and lighting in fixed position.  Also houses the computer, scanner, keyboard, monitor and other equipment.

  • Casters mean easy mobility without compromising system lighting or   camera position.

  • Over 50 units in use by Pennsylvania police agencies.


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