Uptime Business Products saves space.
Ditto saves space with server racks
Organize your servers and save valuable space
with the award winning
NetCom3 server furniture.
Space Saving Features Include:
Add more server room without the expense and hassle of constructing additional space.
The Little Glass House is a completely self contained server rack. 
Features Include:
EDP NetCom 3 LAN furniture
  • Servers stored on floor-level roll out shelf.
  • Monitors located on multiple levels.
  • Plenty of room for peripherals on three adjustable shelves.
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The Liebert Little Glass House server rack
  • Air conditioning and UPS contained in one space-efficient module.
  • Four point door latch front and back secures equipment.
  • Now you can locate your new or existing servers in your office, warehouse, or garage space, or on the plant floor without expensive new construction.
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Running out of space in an existing data center? 
Look in the tape library.
Do you see large expanses of space consumed by single racks?
  If you do, then there is valuable space available 
by re-configuring your tape library
with slider tape racks.
Are your users demanding a separate 
rack for their application?
Is your server room filled with 
half empty server racks?
Do what the internet co-location managers do, offer your users secure, isolated space
within the same rack.
EDP Triple Track saves space
  • Slider tape rack systems offer significant space savings in tape libraries.
  • Space savings of 50% or more are common.
  • Find space in your existing tape library for a fraction of the cost of building additional space in your computer room.
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Colocation cabinet saves space.
  • Two or three isolated compartments in each rack.
  • Cable entry, power and ventilation isolated in each compartment.
  • Front and rear doors individually locked with separate keys for each compartment.
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Server racks are great space savers.
If you are currently using short racks consider 
LanPro big and tall racks.
Features include:
EDP LanPro server rack
  • Rack height up to 84" (45U) with a 96" rack in planning.
  • Depth of 36" (with 42" depth in planning) allowing ample room for cable management.
  • Fan capacity of 550 CFM for heavy heat loads.
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